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John (Dorset)

I've always been open to and interested in alternative therapies.  My mum was a reflexologist;  we used homeopathic remedies growing up, and holistic healing is something that's always interested me.  Re-Birthing fascinated me when I heard about it,
but before I met Deike I decided to read her book, which was a good thing to do because it gave me a clearer insight into what it was, de-mystified it a bit, and meant I managed my expectations a little before I went along for a session. I was expecting fireworks during the first session I had, or some big revelation, which didn't happen although I came away very relaxed and feeling lots of benefits and for weeks afterwards people kept commenting on how relaxed and serene my face looked.  The fireworks did come though with my second session and it's very hard to describe what happened.  Suffice it to say I had a powerful out of body experience and I know something deep within me was unlocked during that session.  I combined re-birthing with therapy sessions with Deike and found both to be enormously beneficial.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend a re-birthing session with Deike, whether it's in tandem with therapy or just as a nice relaxing treatment.  Many people do re-birthing to address deep rooted issues, but even if you don't need it for this, the breathing exercises are so powerful your mind and body will reap the benefits and honestly, you will look and feel so calm and serene for weeks. If you're one of the few people lucky enough to have zero issues then just do it as a beauty treat - it's like a massage but a hundred times better.

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