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Rebecca (London)

Working with Deike was the most productive therapy I'd ever had.  Most of our sessions were done by phone, which suited my lifestyle at the time, but I always felt as though she was in the room with me, beside me as we spoke.  She helped pinpoint a lot of things, worked through them with me and used different Jungian exercises to help our work along. One of the benefits of the phone sessions was that after I had finished therapy, if from time to time, something was troubling me, I could always pick up the phone again - we were used to working that way and any time I needed her she was always there for me - and she'd respond immediately, which was great We did do some face to face sessions, and I combined my therapy with a couple of re-birthing sessions, which were amazing and definitely helped me a lot.  I've recommended Deike to several friends, all of whom think as highly of her as I do.  She's a fantastic person, very warm, but practical and focused and ultimately productive.  I have such high regard for her and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone I know.

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