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My sister, who lives in London, recommended I asked Deike to do my astrological chart. Thankfully, Deike was able to do my chart and then send it to me along with a very detailed tape recording…(read more) 

RUTH (London)
I first came to see Deike for psychotherapy in 2004. I was in an unhealthy relationship at the time and was desperately unhappy with where I was going…(read more)

REBECCA (London)
Working with Deike was the most productive therapy I'd ever had.  Most of our sessions were done by phone, which suited my lifestyle at the time…(read more)

ORLA (Ireland)
I had never considered alternative/new age therapies before, but after reading ‘Rebirthing: Freedom from your past” I decided to give it a go. I was aware that my own birth had been quite traumatic…(read more)

JOHN (Dorset)
I've always been open to and interested in alternative therapies.  My mum was a reflexologist, we used homeopathic remedies growing up…(read more)

AUDREY (Glasgow)
A friend gave me a Deike tape as a birthday present.  "Just give her your date of birth" she said "and your parents’ dates of birth" - so I did…(read more)

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