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    I hope you find everything you need to know about the services I offer. As well as a professional astrologer, I am also a psychotherapist and a rebirther.

    I consider my work and vocation in life to be that of helping people to fulfill their potential and to follow the destiny encoded in their souls. Whether I do this through astrology, psychotherapy, rebirthing, or all three, depends on personal preference and the stage someone finds themselves at a particular moment in time.

    If you have any questions or queries concerning my work, please feel free to contact me.

    Best Wishes, Deike

  • Deike Begg Astrologer Psychotherapist Rebirther

    Deike Begg is a professional astrologer holding the Diploma of the Faculty of Astrological Studies (D.F. Astrol.S.). She is also a Fellow, and the Media Officer, of the Association of Professional Astrologers International (APAI). www.professionalastrologers.co.uk

    With well over 30 years experience, Deike often lectures on subjects relating to astrology, psychosynthesis, synchronicity and mythology. She is also a UKCP accredited Psychosynthesis psychotherapist, a Rebirther and Rebirther trainer, and a published author. She is known as a media astrologer under the name Stella Begg and has written both on astrology and as an agony aunt for various publications for over ten years.

    Deike has a private practice in Battersea, London. Consultations are available in person and over the phone. Astrological readings are also available as an audio recording, which can be sent to you.

    Listen to Deike's Raphael's Astrologer's Interview with James Lynn Page here:

    Books by Deike

    • Rebirthing: Freedom From Your Past by Deike Begg
    • Synchronicity: The promise Of Coincidence by Deike Begg
    • On The Trail Of Merlin by Deike and Ean Begg
    • In Search Of The Holy Grail And The Precious Blood by Deike and Ean Begg

    Rebirthing -- Freedom From Your Past Is now available in Kindle eBook formats. You can find the eBook at all major retailers around  the world. Click HERE