• Testimonials

  • My sister, who lives in London, recommended I asked Deike to do my astrological chart. Thankfully, Deike was able to do and then send it to me along with a very detailed tape recording. It was like being in the room with her! Having my chart done definitely helped me to make necessary changes in my life. It gave me confidence about who I was and what I needed to do with my life. Thanks, Deike.

    Matt (U.S)

  • I first came to see Deike for psychotherapy in 2004. I was in an unhealthy relationship at the time and was desperately unhappy with where I was going. My professional life was extremely successful but my personal life was complicated and miserable. After a year in therapy with Deike, my life transformed. Through her professional guidance, warmth and support I learnt a lot about myself and came to understand how I had the power to change things. I got married last year to a wonderful man!

    Ruth (London)

  • Working with Deike was the most productive therapy I'd ever had. Most of our sessions were done by phone, which suited my lifestyle at the time, but I always felt as though she was in the room with me, beside me as we spoke. She helped pinpoint a lot of things, worked through them with me and used different Jungian exercises to help our work along. One of the benefits of the phone sessions was that after I had finished therapy, if from time to time, something was troubling me, I could always pick up the phone again - we were used to working that way and any time I needed her she was always there for me - and she'd respond immediately, which was great We did do some face to face sessions, and I combined my therapy with a couple of re-birthing sessions, which were amazing and definitely helped me a lot. I've recommended Deike to several friends, all of whom think as highly of her as I do. She's a fantastic person, very warm, but practical and focused and ultimately productive. I have such high regard for her and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone I know.

    Rebecca (London)

  • I had never considered alternative/new age therapies before, but after reading ‘Rebirthing: Freedom from your past” I decided to give it a go. I was aware that my own birth had been quite traumatic and was wondering if the panic attacks I suddenly started to have could have something to do with it. Although, if I’m honest, I had always been a little more anxious than most. After just two sessions with Deike I felt very different. It wasn’t that the panic attacks miraculously disappeared (although they did) it was more that a sense of complete calm descended upon me…and stayed.

    Orla (Ireland)

  • I've always been open to and interested in alternative therapies. My mum was a reflexologist; we used homeopathic remedies growing up, and holistic healing is something that's always interested me. Re-Birthing fascinated me when I heard about it, but before I met Deike I decided to read her book, which was a good thing to do because it gave me a clearer insight into what it was, de-mystified it a bit, and meant I managed my expectations a little before I went along for a session. I was expecting fireworks during the first session I had, or some big revelation, which didn't happen although I came away very relaxed and feeling lots of benefits and for weeks afterwards people kept commenting on how relaxed and serene my face looked. The fireworks did come though with my second session and it's very hard to describe what happened. Suffice it to say I had a powerful out of body experience and I know something deep within me was unlocked during that session. I combined re-birthing with therapy sessions with Deike and found both to be enormously beneficial. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend a re-birthing session with Deike, whether it's in tandem with therapy or just as a nice relaxing treatment. Many people do re-birthing to address deep rooted issues, but even if you don't need it for this, the breathing exercises are so powerful your mind and body will reap the benefits and honestly, you will look and feel so calm and serene for weeks. If you're one of the few people lucky enough to have zero issues then just do it as a beauty treat - it's like a massage but a hundred times better.

    John (Dorset)

  • A friend gave me a Deike tape as a birthday present. "Just give her your date of birth" she said. So I did. I emailed them off and about a week or ten days later I got a tape in the post. I stuck it on in the car, expecting the usual same old same old, but what I got was quite incredible. She described my personality down to a T. She described my parents personalities down to a T. She described my relationship with both parents in minute detail, nailing it completely (bear in mind I had never spoken to this woman - I just emailed her the details). She then made a few predictions, some of which I thought were off the wall, but all of which came true. What was different about Deike and other Astrologers out there though, was that her insights into my personality, and the relationships I had with both my parents, led her to certain observations that I myself had been missing - she explained my make-up to me and helped me understand myself a bit better. There are a lot of cowboys out there – Deike's the real deal. A lovely treat, so easy to do - just email off your details and back it comes. The reading will last for years. I kept my tape and re-played it back every now and then. Each time I listen I hear something else that I had missed before, or I hear it with fresh ears and, therefore, the deeper meaning of what she conveyed. And I continue to have it updated every year or two. I also give presents of tapes to friends who are going through tough times or are at points in their life where I think it might help them. A real treat, and you will be surprised just how accurate she is.

    Audrey (Glasgow)